Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Jamaican Black Castor Oil: Amazing Benefits

A few years ago while walking the through the beauty supply store (one of my favorite places), I noticed a new product at the counter---Jamaican Black Castor Oil. I was immediately intriqued. I made a note to myself and went home to do some research. After doing some reading, I went back to purchase this wonder oil. Although this oil is super thick and has a rather smoky, yet mild fragrance, it does amazing things for your hair.

Originating from Eastern Africa, the castor bean has been used for medicinal purposes for more than 4,000 years. Many people associate castor oil as a clear thick substance used a last resort to stimulate the onset of labor or to help with constipation. Jamaican black castor oil differs from the clear castor oil due to the manufacturing process. The clear castor oil  comes from the cold pressing of castor beans. Jamaican black castor oil is dark brown because the castor beans are first roasted and then boiled before they are pressed to release the oil. The oil contains ash from the roasting process which is not an impurity. It actually improves the function of the oil for hair and skin treatments. This oil is loaded with  healing properties, specifically omega fatty acids that have proven to aid in skin health and regeneration as well as scalp health and circulation. 

If you are suffering from any hair or scalp problems like thinning edges and hair loss, I seriously suggest that you consider purchasing some Jamaican black castor oil as a natural hair and scalp treatment. A bottle at the beauty supply store typically costs about $8.00. I use it around my hairline about twice a week and on my scalp. I even mix it with water and use it to take off my eye makeup....therefore resulting in thicker lashes and brows.

The benefits include:

  • Improves Scalp Circulation-Applying black castor oil on your scalp can help increase circulation. It nourishes the hair and prevents the scalp from drying by holding moisture.
  • Control Split Ends-Jamaican black castor oil as a conditioning treatment can help reduce split ends, which in turn prevents hair loss and breakage. Omega-9 essential fatty acids, vitamin E, proteins and other nutrients in castor oil penetrates dry and damaged hair, smoothing rough cuticles and helping the hair shaft preserve moisture.
  • Increase Hair Luster-Dull, dry and brittle hair will benefit from the use of castor oil. Castor oil is easily absorbed by the hair and has the ability to coat the hair shaft, sealing in moisture and creating a silkier surface.
  • Great Moisturizer & Sealer-African-American hair is prone to dryness and black castor oil is known for its ability to retain moisture in these hair types. Because castor oil is rich in Omega-9 fatty acids, which helps keep your scalp from drying out,  it seals in moisture when applied to either the hair or the scalp, making it an excellent moisturizer.
  • Treatment of Dry Scalp or Dandruff-Castor oil contains anti-fungal, antiviral and antibacterial properties, making it an effective treatment for dry scalp and dandruff. All you have to do is apply black castor oil directly to your scalp's dry areas prior to washing or shampooing your hair.
  • Thicker Hair-If you’re experiencing hair thinning and hair loss, because castor oil prevents infections to your scalp and hair, it also helps to prevent further hair loss. Ultimately, regular use on your scalp will promote thicker hair growth.

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